1000 Watt HPS grow bulb comparison test

6 Best HPS Grow Bulb 1000w – Comparing 6 Brands on PAR Output

You walk into your local hydroponic store or browse the internet looking for the best HPS grow bulb at the right price range… but then you get stuck. There’s so many brands claiming they’re the baddest and brightest with the best lumens and high PAR, etc., etc.– which makes it difficult picking the best HPS grow bulb that can help you produce your desired yields.

Not only that, but the prices between all the different bulb manufacturers differ and it’s tough figuring if the money you’d spend is going towards a bulb that actually claims what it does. Well GrowAce has put your question to rest. We did a comparison test on 6 of the biggest HPS grow light bulb brands and pit them against each other. We setup parameters to make it as objective as possible and the results were surprising:

If you follow us on YouTube, you have probably seen our video introducing the best HPS grow bulb test for 2015. There has been tests in the past, but with recent changes in the industry, the increasing demand for cheaper and better lights– quality has changed. So it’s important to stay updated. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it:

In the video we only showed 5 of the 6 bulbs we tested on the video. Here’s an infrographic on the best HPS grow bulb comparison that shows you the entire test from process, to equipment, all the way to the conclusion. We discovered some pretty interesting facts…


Here are the complete results from the test. We measured the PAR readings from three different heights, 15 inches, 27 inches, and 51 inches. Here are the readings from the highest par reading to the least:


We also created a comparison graph on the average PAR reading in the footprint we measured.


So there you have it, the results for the top 6 popular grow bulbs to help you complete your best grow light system. As expected, time and time again that Hortilux outperformed the other 5 HPS bulbs. What was surprising is that the new kid on the block, Yield Lab High Output HPS, came second. Yield Lab just edged out Ushio and Digilux by a small margin.

The other thing we considered was pricing. It makes sense that the best grow bulb has the highest price but to see the second best grow bulb at an astounding $49.95 price tag is a steal.

So the next time you’re out buying an HPS grow bulb for your fruits or flowers, remember this chart and ask yourself… Am I getting the best bulb for the price? 

If your starting to learn about indoor growing, it’s important to find the right information like the the infographic above. If you have friends or family who are debating on what to buy, show them our Best HPS Grow Bulb Infographic to help them out. They’ll owe you one.

What other test would you like us to do in the future? — Let us know!


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