Whether you have work, you’re going on vacation, or have other parts of your garden that need your attention, sometimes you just don't have the time to turn on everything in your grow yourself. At GrowAce we’ve got all the hydroponic timers and connections you need to set your fans, lights, and grow medium to turn off and on whenever you need them to, so all you have to do set your hydroponic timers and watch your yield grow.

From 110v to 220v power supplies, we’ve got a hydroponic timer for any application. All you’ve got to do is dial your lighting times in (either manually or digitally), plug your ballast in to the timer, plug your timer in to the wall, and when it’s time for some sun that MH, HPS, T5, or LED grow light will turn on and stay on. And don’t think these are just for lights either! With the Gro1 120V 8-Way Power Strip w/ Timer you can plug lights, fans, filters- anything that will fit in that timer will turn on and off when you want them to.

Timing is vital when controlling air flow and feeding. Too much feeding and air flow will lead to nutrient lock or freezing, and too little will stress your plants and lead to a warm grow area. To control the environment in your area, you can time how long you feed your plants, how long your run your fans throughout the day, activate your irrigation system when needed, and even turn on Co2 and o-zone emitters with precision.

No matter what kind of lights or accessories you’re using, or whether you like growing with HID’s or LED’s, at GrowAce you’ll be able to run on and turn off your equipment day in and day out. Remember: timing is everything, and with the right growing timers and controllers you’ll get the yields you want with precision and consistency.

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