Nutrient Review: How These Top 4 Brands Will Help Your Grow

Beginners and pro’s alike are always on the hunt for ways to improve their crops, whether it’s finding the best base nutrient program or improving quality with additives and supplements. While lots of growers say “it’s not all about the nutrients, but the way you use them” (GrowAce included), nutrients can and will play a huge role in your garden’s life.

That’s why we wanted to feature some of the most popular brands of nutrients we offer and some that are taking the growing scene with force: General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, Humboldt County’s Own, and BioBizz. Here, we’ll be going over the advantages and disadvantages of these brands so you can choose which brand works best for you and your grow:

General Hydroponics


A staple for growers big and small, General Hydroponics offers a wide range of nutrients for a fair price.

According to most growers, General Hydroponics has one of the best base and flowering formula’s for their price range, and we agree. We carry them because they’re affordable, simple to follow, and have a wide range of products without being too daunting.

In fact, their Flora Series nutrient package only consist of a few nutrients that you mix at different strengths, compared to other starter packs that require at least 4-5 nutes.

General Hydroponics nutrients can grow pretty much any plant you can think of, which is a gift and a challenge. You have the freedom to use these nutrients for medical plants and ornamental plants alike. But because they’re so jam-packed with what plants need, you’ll want to scale back the recommended amount of nutrients they provide. Some growers have reported nutrient burn because of the strength of these nutrients, but once they scaled back their grows were on track.

Who should use these nutrients? We recommend General Hydroponics for growers with a little experience under their belt checking pH and PPM levels, and know what to do to adjust those levels. If you know how to adjust feedings for your specific plants General Hydroponics will get your plants growing big and save you some money at checkout.



BioBizz nutrients are very concentrated, so you’ll want to scale back slightly on the recommended feedings. However, their ingredients are organic, they have a vast selection, they’re affordable, and they’re awesome for indoor and outdoor growing.

Their additives, like BioHeaven, help your grow tremendously, but you’ll need to watch how much you’re putting in to those feedings so that you don’t end up burning your plants.

Their sweetening nutrients are pretty high in sugars, so if you’re using BioBizz nutrients and their supplements you might want to learn a little about scaling back your nutrients (which can involve some tricky math), and about the proper/safe use of sugars in your grow.

Who should use these nutrients? We recommend BioBizz for seasoned growers who know exactly how to pin-point deficiencies and correct them to scale. If you’ve got a keen sense of what your grow needs down to the nutrient, BioBizz will get any professional grow on track without wasting your time with ingredients you may not need.

Humboldt County’s Own

Humbolt County’s Own is made to super charge plants and make an awesome garden even better. Their complete line of nutrients includes nutrient teas and nutrients that promote intense resin growth for tastier, more aromatic yields. We should note that they’re used as additives and boosters, though, so while they’ll boost aspects of your grow these are not made exclusively as base nutrients.

Humboldt County’s Own line of nutrients are designed to take your plants to the next level, so we recommend them for advanced growers who have experience fine tuning their nutrient regimen.

They use a combination of organic and man-made ingredients to make their nutrients. All it means is you might need to watch your PPM levels and assure your water doesn’t get stagnant. Man-made ingredients take longer to breakdown and absorb than organic ones, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you can keep an eye out on your plants and keep water flow consistent (you don’t want any gunked up nutrients in your reservoirs). However, be aware that boosters can spike nutrient levels, so be careful when using these (or any) boosters/additives.

Who should use these nutrients? While these are fantastic nutrients that will put your plants over the top, they’re very strong and should be applied by seasoned growers. Novice or unexperienced growers that are unaware of how/when to mix in additives can ruin a crop by not mixing them in properly. In the right hands, though, these nutrients will have your yields smelling stronger and tasting better.

Advanced Nutrients


It seems you can’t go to a grow conference or medical event without seeing a stand for Advanced Nutrients. Countless cannabis growers love using Advanced Nutrients because they’re designed specifically for them, which means growers don’t need to adjust the PPM or pH of their solutions as often as they do with other nutrient brands out there. Growers across the board agree that Advanced Nutrients are some of the easiest to work with and require less maintenance than others.

However, growers will also agree that Advanced Nutrients are the most expensive nutrients out there. They might be easy to use, but as with most things the easier it makes your life the more expensive it probably is- and nutrients are no exception.

Who should use these nutrients? We recommend Advanced Nutrients for any grower with a big budget and a small amount of time for maintenance. You may not have to do as many (if any) nutrient adjustments as other growers, but you’ll also need to be ready to spend some serious cash getting the crop you want.



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