Ask any grower what their favorite grow tent is and you'll probably get a whole bunch of different answers. To some it's all about reflective power, others it's about strong bars for heavy lights, others want the best price they can get... the list goes on. There are tons of grow tent manufacturers out there, but at GrowAce we're pretty selective about the brands we carry. This week we're going over the best grow tent manufacturers we offer to give you an idea of whether a Mammoth, Yield Lab, Secret Jardin, or Gorilla Grow tent is best for your grow.

1st Place: Yield Lab Grow Tents

Yield Lab Complete Grow Tent Kit
Ah, Yield Lab: we’ve been growing with them since the beginning, and to us, we think they’re one of the best brands of tents for personal growers. Hydro, soil, coco, whatever you want to grow and whatever you want to grow in, Yield Lab’s got a tent for any at-home indoor gardener. Advantages: Tents designed for use by any type of grower, Heavy covers for max protection and environment control Yield Lab tents were made for beginners, amateurs, and pro’s alike. They’re simple to set up and use; they have windows you can check in on their plants without having to get in to their tent and potentially messing with environment conditions; and there are plenty of options to bring in and exhaust air and CO2, whether it’s naturally through Velcro-sealed air vents or manually with duct ports. Yield Lab also puts their money where their mouth is. Not only do they construct grow tents, but they also put out an entire line of grow lights. Then they went and started making entire grow room packages, proving their tents and their lights are up to the challenge of growing virtually anything that requires water to grow- to us that says a lot about the confidence in their equipment.
Yield Lab Grow Tent
With reflective material as great as Secret Jardin and covers tough like Gorilla’s, we stand behind their ability to get your plants where you need them to go. However, if there is a drawback to their product line it’s their somewhat limited line. Disadvantages: Limited range of tents (mostly for at-home growers, not made for huge grow op's) While they carry tents small enough to grow clones and big enough to grow at least 12-15 plants, they do not offer massive tents like other brands out there. Maxing out at 96x78x48”, if you need a mini-warehouse you might be hard-pressed to find one with Yield Lab. But if that’s the only issue a tent brand has, we think that’s just fine.

2nd Place: Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tents: the granddaddy of 'em all! Top to bottom, there's pretty much nothing these tents can't grow. Their super-strong frame makes sure all of your lights are secure over your plants no matter how many you want to hang. Heavy covers make their standard line a fortress against bad growing conditions while their LITE line covers still have some great coverage over their frames. Advantage: Heaviest-duty tents on the market, can hold as many lights as you can fit in there for stronger lights and bigger yields What sticks out to us about Gorilla grow tents is their high ceilings. Of all the grow tents we offer- and frankly, a majority on the market- Gorilla offers the tallest tents we've seen which is awesome on two ends. Not only can you grow much taller, more full plants with these (which means heavier yields), but these tents can also utilize more intense lights. High powered LED's, strong double ended HID's, and CMH grow lights are pretty intense and may need to be dimmed to not damage plants. With the right Gorilla tent, you'll be able to give your plants more intense light at the right height to give you better harvests without sacrificing quality.
Closed side of a Gorilla grow tent
Disadvantage: They're one of the most expensive tents on the market and may have minor light leak issues While these are fantastic tents no matter what size you choose, there is one thing we know for sure: if you're going Gorilla, be ready to drop some cash. If you're not growing huge plants and don't need all the space up top, consider going with a less expensive grow tent. Moreover, some of their tents have a small gap in the corners of the cover where the zipper meets. Though this is a small gap if you're not careful that small leak of light could set flowering back a little. However, if you're growing in a dark room and you've got the money to invest you definitely won't be disappointed with Gorilla, no matter what you're growing and what medium you're going it in.

3rd Place: Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Now Secret Jardin’s a brand to look out for. They’ve got a big range of tents for basic, advanced, and pro growers. Whether you want a super simple tent or something with all the bells and whistles, Secret Jardin’s got you covered. Advantages: Wide range of tents, some with sealable ports for ultimate environment stabilization, others with multiple rooms/chambers They offer three styles of grow tents: the Dark Room, the Dark Street, and the Lodge. Each offers super reflective mylar to cover your plants in light, but each offers its advantages.
  • The Dark Room line of tents is your basic tent with a couple of duct vents and fresh air vents for simple growers.
  • The Dark Street line of tents takes things a step further and gives you a flood tray and offers removable and sealable duct ports for environment stabilization.
  • The Dark Lodge is an all-in-one growing machine: each offers a room with brackets for seedlings and clones trays (and lights) and a room for full-grown plants. Larger Lodge grow tents even offer a room for vegging, a room for flowering, and a room for clones/seedlings- that’s a perpetual growing powerhouse all in one tent!
Empties out look of a dark lodge grow tent
Disadvantages: Lightweight tent covers can spell environmental issues If there’s one thing to say about their tents, however, is that they are a little lighter weight than other tents out there. True, tents like the Yield Lab and Gorilla might be heavier to put together, but that heaviness is also indicative of their ability to keep environmental conditions with a basic tent like the Dark Room. So whether you’re looking for a grow tent that can do it all or a tent that just has the basics, Secret Jardin’s got the tent you and your plants need.

Honorable Mention: Mammoth Grow Tents

If you're looking for a great run-of-the-mill grow tent Mammoth Grow Tents from Holland got you covered. These guys make great tents for basic growing. Advantages: HUGE tents, European made, Silver and White reflective material available There are no viewing windows with these tents but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some Mammoth tents are actually designed to work especially with Gavita and other double-ended grow lights, with special reflective material and height made just for those style lights. Still, even Mammoth's tents without all that height offer great reflectivity at a height great for nearly any plant.
Profile view of a grow tent
If you don't mind the inability to view your plants like other tents these days, Mammoth grow tents are right up your alley. From a tiny clone tent to a 197ft x 393ft x 78ft grow tent (yeah, we said FEET), silver reflective material or a white surface, Mammoth grow tents have some unique and helpful tents for your plants. Disadvantages: Thin tent covers can let air and CO2 escape, making it tricky to regulate environment conditions These tents are great start-up and budget tents for any grower. While they are beyond affordable at times, they are pretty thin. These covers are susceptible to easy suction from your duct fans and air leaks.

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