T5 grow lights are the most efficient fluorescent tubes you can find on the market. Plus they are the most efficient fluorescent light sources. Added to the fact that they have an average life span of about 20 000 hours, they become quite affordable as artificial grow lights. T5 lights have a large light spread and you can mount them close to the canopy due to the emission of less heat if compared to HID or CFL light bulbs. These lights are good for growth because you can purchase them in pre-made fixtures which hold 1 to 8 bulbs. These fixtures can produce an astounding output of up to 40 000 lumens. See more technical info here.

How To Find The Best T5 Grow Light?

You need to consider your grow room conditions when searching for the best T5 fixtures. Take into consideration the light spectrum, the light intensity, the size, the lumen output, the Wattage, and even the manufacturer. All of these factors will influence the lamp lifespan and efficiency. Firstly measure the size of your grow area. There are two types of T5 grow lights: the 2 ft. and 4 ft. You’ll need to determine which one best suits your needs and choose. Also, think about the spacing of the bulbs. You can buy a premade fixture or individual lights and chain them together into your fixture with the spacing you want.

T5 Bulb Lifespan

The average lifespan of T5 Fluorescent light bulbs is about 20000 hours of continuous use. Choose the manufacturer wisely because each type of bulb differs in terms of efficiency losses and frequency of failures. You must get the best grow lights you can afford because they will be better at maintaining the lumen output throughout their life.

T5 Tube Light Usage

Usually, T5 grow lights are used as the primary source of lighting, yet some, more versed gardeners use them as supplemental lighting. Hang the lighting system from the ceiling, few inches above the canopy. When used as supplemental lighting T5’s are great. You can mount them on walls or sideways to brighten up the lower branches and side leaves. T5 grow lights are good for all plant growth stages because there are mainly two bulb types manufactured: for bloom and growth! Get your T5 Fluorescent grow lights from Grow Ace and we’ll give you 120 Days Satisfaction Guarantee!

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