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Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS Air Cool Hood Double Ended Complete Grow Light KitYield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS+MH Air Cool Hood Double Ended Complete Grow Light Kit bottom of reflector

If you’re in the market for 1000w grow light kits, GrowAce is your one-stop 1000 watt shop. Whether you’re growing for yourself, a co-op, or an entire collective, we’ll get you the 1000 watt grow lights you want for every type of growing setup you’re looking for.

Large scale growers trust GrowAce not only for our service but for our large selection of 1000w’s. Need to keep things simple for 6-7 plants? The Yield Lab HPS+MH 1000w Wing Reflector kit is the perfect light for a personal garden. For you co-op growers, the 1000w Air Cool Tube, Air Cool Hood, and Cool Tube Hoods are what you want to keep your plants lit while keeping your bulbs nice and cool.

Now, for all you farmers working with collectives and mass producing plants, Yield Lab’s line of Double Ended Grow Lights will give you almost twice the power of a standard HID (high intensity discharge) grow light, and each light is simple to assemble. The 1000w Penetrator has a ballast built right on to it, so you just plug it in and let it run. But if you need more coverage, don’t forget we offer a Wing and Air Cool Hood reflector that will give your lights a little more *umph* and your plants more light than they’ve had before. Yield Lab even offers a XXL Air Cool Hood to spread light nice and wide to cover warehouses and whole-home gardens.

Yield Lab 1000W grow light kits are made by growers for growers with the intention of BIG harvests. We wouldn’t entrust anything but Yield Lab grow lights to our growers and extractors, and neither should you. So if you’re not sure what kind of 1000 watt grow lights your next big grow needs, just click the Buyer’s Guide below or give us a call at (888) 621-0062 and we’ll set you up with all the 1000w equipment you need.

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