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Yield Lab 600W HPS+MH Wing Reflector Digital Grow Light Kit with all componentsYield Lab 600W HPS+MH Wing Reflector Digital Grow Light Kit foot pring
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Yield Lab 600W HPS+MH Wing Reflector Digital Grow Light Kit

Whether you’re a fresh grower or you’ve been at it for years, there’s nothing like a good HID 600 watt grow light kit to get your harvest on point. No matter what grow medium or growing area you’re working with, the Yield Lab line of 600 watt grow light kits come with everything you need to grow big- now!

At GrowAce, we offer lights that anyone can set up, use, and maintain with ease. Want to simply plug the light in and grow? Yield Lab offers a Wing that’s a snap to assemble and a breeze to maintain. If efficiency’s what you’re looking for, the Cool Tube Hood and Umbrella grow light kits are perfect for spreading light over a large grow area. Or if you’re looking for ventilation support with lots of power, the Cool Tube or Air Cool Hood grow light kits help focus light directly down on to your plants and have 6” ventilation ports you can connect a duct fan to in order to push air through your grow room, while also cooling your bulbs.

When 400w lights won’t do the job, and 1000w lights will fry your grow, a 600w grow light is what you’re looking for. They can grow anything from full-grow mother plants, to chili’s, to seedlings and clones all under one light fixture.

“But won’t that be too much light for my plants?” Not with the Yield Lab Slim Line digital dimming ballast! You have the ability to dim the ballast down to 50% of the lights overall power. Moreover, whether you need to flower your plants with an HPS bulb or veg them with an MH bulb, these 600W grow light kits will be able to use both lights through any part of the grow cycle within a single ballast.

Not sure where to start? Watch our video below to see what will work best for your light, or head to our Grow Light comparison chart to see what works best for your growing needs.