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Active Aqua Chiller with Power Boost
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For hydroponic growers that want to push their indoor growing skills to the max, Active Aqua has the gear to give you the cleanest, best smelling, and tastiest yields available. From reverse osmosis to complete hydroponic growing kits, Active Aqua has just what you want for your hydroponic garden.

When your tap water’s full of contaminants that will harm your plants, Active Aqua’s water filters will clear your water of those harmful elements to make room for beneficial nutrient solutions. From their 10” and 20” Dechlorination systems to their 100 GPD and 200 GPD reverse osmosis systems, all you have to do is run your water through one of these filters to scrub it of harsh chemicals and hard minerals that’ll hold your garden back from reaching its full potential.

Active Aqua also offers complete hydroponic systems, compatible with any type of growing medium you love using, from soil to coco to rockwool and everything in between. These systems are compatible with larger and smaller buckets to accommodate any and all hydroponic plants growing in your garden, allowing plants to grow big root systems for huge yields.

When you want your plants to grow faster and healthier, you’ll want to grow using hydroponics. And when you’re ready to grow hydroponically, Active Aqua’s filtration and growing systems will have you growing big, delicious yields in no time.