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Grow Lights Agrobrite T5 48W 2' 2-Tube Fixture with Lamps sideGrow Lights Agrobrite T5 48W 2' 2-Tube Fixture with Lamps
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Agrobrite T5 48W 2' 2-Tube Fixture with Lamps

Agrobrite T5 grow lights are made just for your garden, from smaller closet grows to grow tents, grow rooms to entire warehouse grows. When you need a powerful, high end grow light capable of growing award-winning herbs, fruit, flowers, buds, and medicine, these T5’s and fluorescent will get you there.

Most fluorescent lights are only strong enough to grow clones and seedlings, but Agrobrite give your plants the amount of light they need to veg, flower, and harvest. No matter if you’re looking for compact fluorescent light like the Fluorowing 125W 6400K Compact Fluorescent light, or you’re looking for a light to cover lots of plants like the Agrobrite T5 648W 4' 12-Tube Fluorescent Fixture, Agrobrite has a light for you.

While most T5’s and fluorescent lamps have a limited light range, Agrobrite offers 2700K and 6400K color temperatures that are sufficient for indoor growing. So if you’re looking for an energy efficient light source to grow fruits, veggies, and medicine without all the heat HID’s give you, Agrobrite has the light that’s right for your garden.