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Growing Essentials Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic Replacement Probe

Whether you are looking to regulate a small grow tent or large grow room, Autopilot Climate Controls provides user friendly controls while providing an optimal level of performance. While most systems only cover one aspect of grow regulation, Autopilot focus’ on all areas of control including CO2 regulation, timers and, even light controllers. Featuring an entire range of controller options, amateur and expert growers alike are sure to find a system perfect for their grow area.

Looking to monitor CO2 levels? The Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor & Data Logger is a compact and powerful tool perfect for you. Are you a master grower overseeing a greenhouse? The Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller provides precise control over temperature, humidity and Co2 all in one system. Autopilot also features a full catalog of replacement parts such as the Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller Replacement probe, so you purchase with confidence knowing that your grow will never be put in jeopardy. With so many options for climate control, Autopilot Climate Controls will revolutionize how view growing. So, take control of your grow room for the growing conditions your plants need and the yields you deserve.

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