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Horticulture Grow Light Controller Autopilot Revolve F20 MainHorticulture Grow Light Controller Autopilot Revolve F20 Side

Autopilot Light Controllers will make sure your grow room runs at maximum efficiency, even when you’ve got a grow room full of equipment and not enough outlets to power it all. From grow lights to high output fans to CO2 equipment and more, all you need is a free outlet and one of these controllers to run everything you need for strong indoor plants and maximum harvests using the power outlets you already have.

From basic grow setup’s to larger gardens, Autopilot has the right grow light controller for your needs. The Autopilot High Power HID Controller 4000W (120V/240V), 30A offers four outlets for HID or LED grow lights, as well as fans, and are compatible with both 120 volt and 240 volt equipment. For larger grow rooms, the Autopilot Commercial High Power 12 Light HID Controller can handle up to 12 pieces of indoor gardening equipment.

Autopilot also offers digital controllers that activate your equipment based on environmental conditions, like the Autopilot Master Digital Timer, letting you focus on your plant feedings instead of adjusting temps and lighting schedules. So when you’ve got more equipment than a simple powerstrip can handle, Autopilot has a controller that can handle it all.

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