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6" Desk & Clip Fan
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When would you need them? There are a few cases you’ll want these handy blade fans around:

  • First, these grow room fans are great when your other fans aren’t running, usually during the middle of the day or at night. A light breeze will keep your plants breathing while helping strengthen leaves slightly.
  • Second, you’ll be using them to cool grow lights while they power down. Your grow bulbs are going to get extremely hot, and if you don’t have duct fans set up around your grow, you’ll need something to cool them. The open air will not be enough to cool your lights, and with all that heat you’re going to need something to cool your grow space easily.
  • Third, when it’s time to harvest! A dehumidifier might dry out your plants too much, and you can’t trust the open air to completely dry your plants. On a low setting and with a little warmth, you can help dry your harvest without sucking out 100% of its moisture, while assuring there’s not enough for mold to grow in.

With how easy these blade fans are to set up and use, you won’t remember a time you didn’t use them. Just stand them anywhere in your grow or clip one to any pole of your grow tent.

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