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California Light Works pushes LED grow light technology to the limits, then exceeds them. While most L.E.D.'s are made for general use, California Light Works has an LED for any plant at any stage of growth. And if you need a grow light for an entire grow season- even better! They've got some of the strongest, more innovative LED's around that'll give your plants traits you've hardly ever seen before.

No matter what your plants need, California Light Works has a light for them. Need a light for vegging or flowering? The SolarFlare 110w VegMaster and 220w Bloom Booster LED's come with wavelengths designed to boost branch and flower growth respectively. If you're looking for an all purpose light in a compact size, the SolarFlare 220w Full Cycle will grow a 2'x2' area from seed to harvest easily.

Now, if you need lights with lots of juice the Solar System and SolarStorm are your go-to LED lights. The Solar Storm has adjustable spectrums to give you an all white, all red, all blue, or combo light just like your favorite LED's. To take things to the next level, the SolarStorm LED comes in 440w and 880w versions with a full spectrum of light with additional UVB bulbs for vigorous resin growth.

Single plants and big gardens love California Light Works's LED's. When you're tired of dealing with all the heat of HID's but you need more than what other LED's are offering, California Light Works will give your plants everything they need for strong, healthy growth.


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