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Horticulture Grow Kit Yield Lab Harvest Main
No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package
Sale price$159.95

At GrowAce we take the guesswork out of building your next grow room by giving you everything you need to grow big yields with our complete grow kits. Whether you're looking to grow with H.P.S. & M.H. grow lights or L.E.D.'s, set up a complete grow tent or convert your entire room into a garden or grow box, we've got everything you need in one package. Our complete grow tent kits come with nutrients and air ventilation systems led grow kits, grow lights and extras. Our complete grow kits make growing simple- just plugin, set up, and grow.

Is this your first grow? If you’re trying to get started, check out the Yield Lab 400W Hobbyist Series Grow Package for a great HPS + MH experience. If you’re a novice grower that wants to save a little money, check out the Advance Spectrum Small LED Grow Kit for everything you need to get up and running.

For all you experienced and advanced growers, we have Professional grow packages with multiple HID and LED grow lights, nutrients, and big tents to fit all that grow equipment in.

But we don’t just stop there- not by a long shot! We’ve also got entire grow room packages, complete with hydroponic irrigation systems, complete ventilation and air movement systems, nutrients (of course), timers, Co2, and so much more.

Here at GrowAce we take your yields as seriously as you do, so whether you’re looking to start out, step your game up, or think outside of a tent, we’ve got you covered. The best part? All you need is right in the complete grow package! From clone and rooting packages, entire grow set up packages, and even harvesting packages, we’ve got what it takes to pop your seeds, start your clones, grow your crop, and harvest it, too.

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