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Climate Control EZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL frontEZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL
EZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL
Sale price$44.95

When it comes to climate control, Grow1 has you covered. Whether you’re growing in a tent, closet or even a grow room, controlling your environment is crucial for your plants to be healthy and produce a large yield. Grow1 provides everything necessary to control your grows airflow efficiently, quietly, and odor free. To keep your airflow right in your grow space, Grow1 offers fans ranging from 4” inline fans all the way up to 12”, and to complement any inline fan a carbon filter to keep your odor down or a duct muffler to silence your fans. Don’t worry if your grow is smaller and you don’t quite need a high CFM inline fan, Grow1 offers boosters fans that can help circulate your airflow.

Just like any product from Grow1 you can expect the same great quality at an affordable price. All carbon filters are made from the highest quality activated coconut carbon to provide the best odor removal. Each fan is built from the highest quality components so that you can have a fan that lasts for years and get you through many grows. If you’re on a budget and looking for quality Grow1 is perfect for you.

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