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Harvest Titanium Coated Trimming Scissors top viewTitanium Coated Trimming Scissors

When it comes to indoor growing supplies, Gro1's got you covered. From trimming leaves to training plants, hygrometers to scales, if your grow room's in need of the tools essential to any successful grow, Gro1 has what you're looking for.

While most manufacturers specialize in a few different products, Gro1 offers a huge range of grow supplies. Need a timer for your grow lights, duct fans, carbon filters, and other growing accessories? Gro1 has analog and digital timers from single outlet all the way to 8x outlet timers that are compatible with 120v and 220v power outlets. Need some shears for trimming or scalples for cutting clones? Gro1's got plenty of tools you need to prune and clone your favorite plants.

For large grow rooms with lots of plants to feed, their line of sprayers takes the mess out of hosing your plants down to feed them. When it's time to check in on your plants, Gro1's line of microscopes can zoom in on plants leaves up to 300x, helping you find signs of diseases, infections, pests, and even helping you view trichomes to know when your plants are ready to harvest. With these growing supplies and more, it's no wonder Gro1 is the choice for long-time indoor growers and newbies alike.

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