At GrowAce we’ve got the building blocks essential for big, flavorful yields all year round. From starting seeds to trimming flowers, from preventing disease to eliminating pests, you can find any and everything you need to build the ultimate grow room or grow tent here.

When you’re ready to start planting seeds and growing your plants, we’ve got rockwool cubes to start seeds and clones out in. Once they’re grown, you can transplant them in to a few plastic pots or some PVC grow bags with your favorite soil, and watch your yield bloom before your eyes.

But what’s a good grow without any way to maintain it? We’ve got meters to test and check the pH level of your water, weather stations to show you the environmental conditions in your garden, and various timers to keep all of your lights and ventilation exactly on your growing schedule. We’ve also got osmosis water treatment systems to clean your water before giving it to your crop, allowing each plant to get the freshest water it possibly can.

Don’t worry, we also have plenty of tools to help prevent insect infestations. If you want to take a close look at your plants for signs of infection and infestation, we have multiple microscopes at various powers to keep you in the know about your plants. When you see little critters on your crop, get rid of them with one of our many pesticides and keep those bugs and mites at bay. Flying insects a problem in your grow? Not with sticky traps! And we’ve got lots of them.

When that crop is ready to harvest we’ve got so many scissors you won’t know which ones to start with- but don’t sweat it, we’ll help you make the right choice for your needs. Plants are a vital part of any garden, but raising those plants and keeping them alive.