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GrowoniX GX1000 High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

If you’ve always wanted a hydroponic garden but your home water’s just too contaminated to use, GrowoniX has a huge line of reverse osmosis water filters and upgrades to make sure you’re giving your plants nothing but the cleanest water you possibly can. Whether you’ve got a couple of plants or an entire garden, with GrowoniX reverse osmosis systems and accessories you’ll give your plants nothing but purified water with every feeding.

No matter what your water supply looks like, GrowoniX has a system for you. If you just want to get rid of sediments like rocks and sand, the Growonix Slim Scrub and Mini scrub will remove sediments and chlorine from treated water. For untreated well water with bacteria, you can add a GrowoniX Ultraviolet Filter for an added bit of safety. Of course, the GrowoniX GX200, 400, 600, and 1000 High Flow Reverse Osmosis Systems come equipped with carbon filters and RO membranes for everything in between.

No matter what growing medium you use, by giving your plants clean water and nutrients you’ll grow strong root systems that’ll translate into huge yields. If you’re tired of adding nutrient solution to your water only to have to use buffers because it throws off the pH and PPM, a GrowoniX water filter system is just what you need.

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