Tired of growing with Coco or Soil? No problem, because at GrowAce we’re here to take out of the ground and in to the water- so to speak. Hydroponically feeding your plants is far better than raising in them in soil because with hydroponics, all of the nutrients you give your plants is provided directly to their roots. Instead of water having to fight down beyond coco or dirt, your plant’s roots are submerged in nutrient-rich water. That means your plants will be stronger, grow faster, and give a tastier yield than growing in most soil setups.

But if you still like similar results to coco and soil don’t fret- we’ve got plenty of drip systems that will feed your plants by dripping water in to them through a tiny hose next to the grow pot. However, if you’re looking to move completely away from that, the Ebb and Flow hydro mediums we offer are what you’ve been looking for! Complete with a reservoir, hoses, and up to 12 buckets, get growing like the pros and turn that one or two pot set up in to a 6 to 12 site growing machine.

To take it a step further, we’ve also got Aeroponic kits that can provide rich yields for both consumption and extraction. When you use aeroponics, you mist nutrient-filled water on to the roots of your plants instead of totally submerging them. When misted, plant roots face significantly less danger of nutrient lock than with ebb & flow’s and drip systems.

From farmers to extractors, growers trust us with their hydroponic mediums. Just grab your nutrients, add them to your water regimen, run, and get ready to grow big. No matter what style of grow medium you want to you use, GrowAce has what you need to grow efficiently and quickly.