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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Grow Lights InterLux™ T5 2' ft Grow Bulb 6500K connection close up
Grow Lights InterLux™ T5 2' ft Bloom Bulb 3000K connection close up

Looking for strong, reliable grow light bulbs good enough to grow big harvests? Interlux offers high output grow lamps that give your indoor plants all the light they need to give you the yield you want, whether you’re running high pressure sodium (HPS) lights, metal halide (MH) lights, or T5 fluorescent lights.

Interlux bulbs are made for indoor growing. Bulbs like the Interlux DualARC 600W HPS and MH Bulb offer dual spectrums in one high intensity discharge bulb: a cool, blue MH light and a warm, red HPS light. They offer the same DualARC in 1000w’s for even more light intensity, and also offer 2ft. and 4ft. T5 light bulbs in 6500k (vegging) and 3000k (flowering) color temperatures to grow from seed to harvest.

Compatible with a number of light fixtures, InterLux bulbs can be used with nearly any reflector or ballast around. No matter if you’re running an energy efficient fluorescent T5 or an intense HID grow light, these bulbs will lock into almost any reflector on the market to give you the yields you’ve been looking for. When it’s time for massive plant growth, you need strong lights to get the job done. With InterLux grow bulbs you’ll get the light you need for the harvest you want.

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