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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Kind LED 330W X330 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow LightLED Grow Light Kind LED X330 Main
Kind LED 220W X220 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow LightLED Grow Light Kind X220 Main
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If you’re shopping around for an LED grow light you’ve certainly seen Kind come up many times. KIND LED is one of the top LED brands leading the industry in the full spectrum led grow the light category. With growers in mind, these lights were developed by consulting with hundreds of professional growers using soil and hydroponic setups so that they could produce a well rounded and revolutionized grow light system for hobbyist horticulturists or pros. Just like you would expect from an LED, these lights are extremely efficient but KIND takes it one step further, producing no heat and running quieter than most LED’s on the market.

Comprised of the best 5 watts or 3 watt light-emitting diodes, these lights feature a proprietary 12 band spectrum that specializes in the necessary ranges for vegetative and flowering growth. These lights also produce infrared and UV mimics the sun's natural light the best which promotes the best growing environment for your plants. KIND LEDs are setting the bar high with their k3, k5, and x series grow lights. They're continually pushing the bounds for quality, efficiency and record-breaking yields.

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