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LED Grow Light Phantom 440W Pheno  MainLED Grow Light Phantom 440W Pheno  Main

Phantom Grow Lights were made for tons of light coverage for huge harvests. Whether you’re growing herbs and veggies or you plan on growing big indoor plants, Phantom High Output Double Ended Lights give you commercial plant lighting in big grow rooms and small grow tents alike.

To yield the best harvests out of each grow, you’ll need maximum light intensity, and that’s exactly what you’ll get out of each Phantom double ended light system. Double ended lights offer almost twice the intensity as their single ended counterparts, helping plants grow thicker stems, more foliage, and bigger buds and flowers. That means the red spectrum of high pressure sodium bulbs is stronger, and the blue spectrum of metal halide bulbs is even more intense than standard high intensity discharge grow lamps. This assures your plants have stronger foliage, bigger buds, and more vibrant flowers toward harvest time.

These lights are also space savers, making indoor growing safe and convenient. Unlike other lights, Phantom lights are all-in-one units with the light fixture and ballast mounted in one space. All you have to do is hang these lights above your garden, turn them on, and in minutes you’ll be getting better plant growth than ever.

Available in a variety of hoods like the Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed and Open Lighting Systems, when you’re ready to push your indoor gardening to the limit, Phantom Commercial lights will take you there and beyond

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