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Grow Lights LED Grow Light PowerVEG 54W T5 HO Tube MainGrow Lights LED Grow Light PowerVEG 54W T5 HO Tube Specs
PowerVEG T5 24W 2' HO Tube
Sale price$29.95

Growing with T5 fluorescents lights is still very popular even with all the new HID and LED improvements. However, Eye Hortilux understands how important T5 grow lights are to the industry and is why they’ve produced the best T5 bulbs for any grow the PowerVeg. These bulbs come in 5 different types ranging from 420nm to 660nm and also feature a full spectrum bulb that produces uv. With a wide range of bulbs to choose from you can create the perfect formula for your vegetative state, flower state or even an all around start to finish formula so that you don’t need to change any bulbs just your lighting schedule. Being able to dial in your lights spectrum gives you the ability to give your plants exactly what they want at an extremely affordable price.

Just like Eye Hortilux’s HPS grow light bulbs everyone loves for their superior quality an output, you can expect the same performance and quality their PowerVeg. These bulbs go through the toughest quality control to ensure their bulbs will consistently outperform all of its competitors.

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