Propagation is the process of expanding your grow beyond its current size, and we here at GrowAce are committed to expanding your grow as much as possible. How do you do that? With clones, clippings, and sprouts, of course!

For everyone starting their garden from seeds, all you have to do is get those things popped and drop them in a Cultilene rockwool cub. You can throw your sprouts under a T5 or LED grow bulb, water them, and in a couple of weeks you’ll be ready to transplant those sprouts in to a larger bucket.

All you growers looking to get some clones going, look no further. We’ve got medical grade scalpels to give you a clean cut that scissors or even razor blades can’t give you. Once you’ve got that branch ready, dip it in some X Nutrients cloning gel and start stimulating root growth. From there, just plant the branch in to a Propagation Tray, set it under a dome, put the clones under your favorite vegging/clone light, and they’ll start taking shape in no time.

Not sure what you should piece together? Don’t worry, because we’ve got Complete Clone and Rooting packages to gather clones, prep them, plant them, and grow them- all you need are the clippings. And there’s no worries about housing your growing plants: these kits come with tray and dome combo’s, as well as a Yield Lab reflective grow tent for full light coverage and protection from outside dangers.

With GrowAce, you won’t have to worry about a growing “season” because with our propagation supplies, growing season is all year round. If you’ve got seeds, we can grow them; if you’ve got a mother plant, we’ve got what you need to clip and clone from it. If you’ve got the dream of an endless grow cycle, we’ve got what you need to make it happen.