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Reflective Material

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Growing Essentials FlashGro on White 4'x25' top view
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FlashGro on White 4'x25'

When you’ve got great lights, proper ventilation, and have your nutrient cycles down, and your grow still isn’t where you want it to be, chances are you have a drop in light coverage. Nothing will stunt your grow and hold your yield back than improper lighting, so if you’re not getting full light coverage in your grow room it might be time to add some reflective material to your grow room.

Don’t want to keep growing in that grow tent? Move your grow outside of those walls and turn your entire room in to a grow tent. All you need is a few rolls of 2mil Standard Reflective Mylar to wrap around your room. Just tack the grow room material to your walls and ceiling, and in no time your lights will not only shine directly on to your plants, but the light will bounce off of the highly reflective surface and give your plants full coverage above and around their leaves. If you simply want to soften the light reflecting on your plants but still want coverage, the 7mil Panda Film we offer might just do the trick to add some reflective material to your grow room. Its white, 90% reflective surface makes it effective without being overpowering.

Need to keep things cooler in that room? The Diamond Foil reflective foil at GrowAce will keep lots of light covering your plants while taking in a little of that heat your room is giving off. The IR Blocker film we offer will also absorb a little of that heat, and will reduce your garden’s thermal imaging heat signatures by 97% (for all you growers that want to be a little more discreet in their gardens).

If your garden’s ready to move from your grow tent to a bigger area, your room is a great place to begin. But just because you moved out of a tent doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods just yet. Remember: if you want total light coverage, you need reflective material in that garden, so just give us a call and we’ll help you choose the best grow room material for you and your grow.

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