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CMH Grow Light Yield Lab 630 Open FrontCMH Grow Light Yield Lab 630 Open Side

Grow light reflectors: without them, your ballasts and bulbs are useless. Reflectors are what give your garden’s light shape. With the right grow light reflector your garden can go from zero to harvest with ease; but the wrong reflector can leave your plants fried, stressed, or plain under-lit. At GrowAce, we’re here to make sure your grow bulbs and ballasts will always have the best reflector to plug in to and get your growing.

With our large selection of Yield Lab grow light reflectors, we’ve got everything any type of grower needs. From beginners to amateurs all the way to professionals, these reflectors are tough, highly reflective, efficient, simple to use, and ready to run at a moment’s notice.

For first time growers we recommend starting with a Wing reflector because they’re a breeze to set up and even easier to use, all while focusing light right down on to your plants. Growers looking for a wide, expansive throw of light will do well using the Umbrella and XXL Cool Hood reflectors, as they’re perfect for covering large gardens and grows. For growers looking to chain lots of lights together while maintaining the heat and power of their light, Cool Hoods, Cool Tubes, and Cool Tube Hoods are what warehouse and collective grows trust to give their gardens lots of powerful light. And for all of you gardeners who need just a bit more light than that, you better believe we offer Yield Lab Double Ended reflectors, which have the ability to outperform single-ended bulbs by a mile!

Yield Lab grow light reflectors are compatible with an endless amount of digital ballasts, including dimmable ballasts that allow for variable wattages. No matter if you’re using a hydroponic, aeroponic, or soil grow medium, these reflectors will be all you need to give your bulbs and ballast what they need to start growing big again.

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