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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
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Grow Tents Secret Jardin Intense 600 v3.0 (20' x 12' x 8') with sides and door openGrow Tents Secret Jardin Intense 600 v3.0 (20' x 12' x 8') front open
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Secret Jardin Intense 600 v3.0 (20' x 12' x 8')

When your garden needs to be kept out of sight, Secret Jarden grow tents will hide your plants in plain sight. Made with heavy-duty tarp and highly reflective mylar inside, you and trust these tents will help you grow without putting on a show.

No matter what medium you use or how many plants you want to grow, Secret Jardin has the grow tent for you. If you're used to compact, single plant growing something like the Secret Jardin Dark Room 24x24x64” tent will house your plant perfectly. Growers used to big ol' gardens love the Dark Room 600 Wide 240x120x80” for its huge size. For those extra-experienced growers, Secret Jardin also has their like of Lodge grow tents that have a growing area for your main plants and a separate area for growing clones and seedlings at the same time.

In a Secret Jardin tent you'll find everything your plants need to grow to their fullest. Light-leak proof and designed with indoor gardens in mind, you won't find tents more efficient than these. Just hang your lights, set up you ventilation, add your favorite strain, and in weeks you're harvesting like never before.


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