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Harvest Scissor Magic - One-Handed Scissor Cleaner frontHarvest Scissor Magic - One-Handed Scissor Cleaner front

When the leaves in your garden or harvest need a little trimming, you can count on GrowAce to supply you the garden trimming tools such as shears, pruners, and scissors you want to rid your plants of what you don’t. From big plants down to mini bonsai trees, we’ve got plenty of pairs of trimmers to get the job done.

For all of those branches and thick stemmed leaves, we’ve got Pruning shears that’ll slice through those stems to open up your plants to the air in your grow. For shorter branches or leaves with normal to light stems there are simple trimming shears that get right down in to your garden and take out those stubborn branches and leaves. When it comes time to harvest, we’ve got lots of needle nose scissors to get those tiny, pesky leaves out of your end product- or even to trim those bonsai trees you’ve been let go.

If you’re trimming your leaves you’ve got to make sure you maintain your grow space and growing accessories. Protect your plants from oils of the skin with a pair of medical grade gloves, and clip those branches for cloning with a package of Gro1 medical grade scalpels. To keep clean up simple we’ve even got trimming trays to collect all of your trimmings in one place for extraction or simple disposal. Once you’re done, just run those scissors in some Scissor Magic solution to keep your hand garden shears clean and free of rust and plant matter.

Not sure what hand garden shears or tools you need? That’s not a problem, because we’ve got a No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit package that comes with one of nearly everything, including gloves, a tray, a few pairs of scissors in different sizes, and a drying rack, topped off with cleaning solution.

Trimming your plants is a big job, and it makes all the difference when growing and harvesting. One bad cut with the wrong scissor and your plant’s in danger, a few extra leaves and your plants can waste energy growing those when they should be flowering. At GrowAce we’ll make sure you have the right garden trimming tools for the right job, and everything you need to maintain it.

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