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Grow Lights USHIO 400w Super HPS Lamp side profileGrow Lights USHIO 400w Super HPS Lamp box
USHIO 400w Super HPS Lamp
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A leader in the industry, USHIO is the go-to brand of horticulture lighting amongst expert growers. Boasting German quality design and over 50 years of industry experience, USHIO not only meets horticulture standards, but raises the bar for what a grow light should be. Featuring a wide range of grow lights, USHIO is sure to have the perfect product for your growing needs. Are you looking to for a lamp to flower your bulb? Look no further than the USHIO 1000w Super HPS Lamp that offers 15% more par over a standard lamp. Perhaps you are looking for an all-in-one bulb? Then you will need a USHIO Hilux Gro 315w CMH Lamp - 4200k that features a vibrant red and cool blue spectrum. USHIO even carries double ended variants of their HPS lamps that have longer life expectancy and light intensity over their single ended counterparts. With an unrivaled commitment to quality, USHIO has created a product line you will need to see to believe. So what are you waiting for, grow with confidence with USHIO products for the yields you want and quality you deserve

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