Need help with designing your commercial grow room? Let our expert grow room consultants help you, we offer free grow room design service. Our veteran grow team can help you to create and design the optimum layout for your specific needs. We understand that every grow room is different and some have unique circumstances or requirements.

Whether you are building out a small closet grow, a dedicated grow room, an industrial commercial grow or a greenhouse, we do it all! Simply provide us with some information about your space and we will provide you with detailed recommendations with lighting design, ventilation design and product suggentions to optimize your space and increase your yield.

Our Free Grow Room Consulting service will include the following:

- Custom Made Blueprint Drawing of Your Grow Room.
- Equipment Recommendations
- Light Setup
- Plant Placement
- Strategic Ventilation Setup (Exhaust, Intake, Sealed Room)
- Carbon Filter Placement
- Reservoir Location + Watering Setup
- Suggestions and Recommendations

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