Meet the Leadership Team


                                      Matt T. 

                                      Creative Design

Meet Matt

A San Diego native, Matt is one of the last renaissance men in America. But if you want to know him, you'll have to see him in action. Here's a typical day for Matt:
8:00am- Wake up, feed cats.
8:10am- Realize it's not even 9am, go back to bed.
9:00am- Shower, start breakfast.
11:00am- Stretch, put some Michael Jackson on, breakdance to "PYT"
12:50pm- Take cardboard and boombox to the mall and challenge breakdancers to battle.
1:50pm- Pack up and head to the nearest frozen yogurt shop.
2:45pm- Eat said yogurt, watch Jean Claude Van Damme's The Quest and play with the cats.
7:15pm- Video games.
9:00pm- Time to dance, again!
11:30pm- Water the plants, then lights out.


Meet Kelci

Kelci P.


If you'd like to speak to Kelci you'll have to make an appointment. She's usually busy styling hair, so the best chance to speak to her will be after you sit in her chair and she says, "So what are we doing to this mane today?" But once you start talking to her, you'll never want to leave.

Alongside cutting hair, she has an amazing sense of humor. Whether she's cracking jokes or telling you how her latest prank went, Kelci will have you holding your sides for hours on end. And the best part: there's no two drink minimum for this comedy act!



Meet Devin

Devin M.

Special Projects

If you look at him you'd swear he was a tatoo'd stretched-eared, heavy metal tough guy- but don't judge a book by its cover. Get to know him and you'll find out that he listens to Bach, spends at least $20 a week beating kids at Street Fighter at his local video arcade, spends his time collecting books, and writing short stories.

Despite how big of a nerd he is, Devin loves people and enjoys talking to almost everyone he can. Just don't tell him that Star Wars is science fiction- you'll get an hour-long rant of the differences between sci-fi and fantasy. Trust us; you don't want that.



Meet Amanda

Amanda W.


Amanda left her small town of Oberland, Ohio for the beaches and strange sights of California. And what she found was the big-city life! She quickly adapted to the rest of this crazy state and became an artist. A dancer, a botanist, a chef, and holding a degree in psychology, she has gained a lot of creativity and insight in the short time she's been here.

But no matter how far she travels from her Ohio home, you'll still see her wearing shorts in the winter, reading a novel on her porch, and wake up to feed the cows (although there's no cattle in the part of town she lives in now).



Meet Wally


Wally W.


Most people say he's a combination of Winnie the Pooh and Buddha, and for the most part they'd be right. He's kind, big and always has a smile on his face. But Pooh never ate the amount of Chinese food Wally can pack away, and we're pretty sure Buddha wasn't obsessed with the NFL.




Meet JenniferJennifer M.


A woman that likes to play video games is hard to find. A woman that also plays Skyrim, reads zombie fiction, and has enough time to go on a bike ride is rare. That's why it's a miracle when you find someone like Jennifer. By day she's a rock-climbing, mountain-hiking thrill seeker, by night she's a Magic card-playing, computer-game-loving, pug enthusiast.

Originally from North Carolina, Jennifer moved to Seattle, WA to be closer to her fictional hero, Isabella Swan from the book Twilight in Forks, WA. After finding out that the Twilight saga was not real, she packed up her pug, PC, and Playstation 3 to start a vampire-free life in the California sunshine.


Meet Jonny

Jonny B.

Quality Assurance

If anyone asks you what a typical Californian is like, look no further than Jonny. Born and raised in sunny So Cal, he epitomizes California to the tee. His idea of the perfect day is loading up his surf and snowboards into his truck, heading to the beach, catching some waves, heading to slopes for a quick run down the mountain, and heading back home with a carne asada burrito. Jonny is a man who loves his hometown and couldn't be more Californian, even if he panned for gold! 



Meet Jack

Jack L.


Prior to founding, Jack studied at the University of California at Irvine and graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a minor in management.  An entrepreneur from a young age, Jack wakes up everyday with the mindset of "work hard, play hard." And man, does he play hard!. If you don't see him cycling around town, just check his Facebook- he's more than likely posting things like "Chinese food does NOT taste this good in America," or "Wish me luck! Climbing the third highest mountain in Europe!" Whether he's in the States or abroad, you'll always find Jack going big, going extreme, and going fast!