Hello and welcome to the new GrowAce.com website! We hope that you like the new look and feel. We've put a lot of work into it to make it better than ever before. I hope you've had a chance to look around and if not, then we encourage you to take a few minutes to dive in and explore.

As you may know our old site was not up to par with the technological times and included many areas that needed improvement. So we decided to address these issues head on and give the entire site an overhaul. You'll find now that the site is overall easier to navigate, product information is much clearer and the ordering process is simplified. As well, we have added new features on the site which will make your pre-sale and post-sale support much easier. For those of you that are used to the old site, it will of course take some time to get used to where things are located now but that just goes with the new territory. Allow us to apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Overall, our hope is that this new site will allow us at GrowAce.com to serve you better!

Here are some common questions and answers that you may have about our new site.

Has GrowAce.com changed ownership?

No, GrowAce.com is still owned and operated by parent company, Niche Webstores, Inc. Nothing has changed except the new website. Rest assure, we promise that you will still experience the same great staff with the same great customer service that so many has come to expect from GrowAce.com!

I have an account on the old site. Will this account still be available on the new site?

Yes, your account will still be available on our new site. Simply Log In to our new site with your old Log In credentials. In some cases, your old password may not work. If this is the case, you may click on the Forgot your Password link to get a new password. We have made the process even easier by allowing login via your Facebook account! To login with Facebook, click on the "Login via Facebook" button on the top of the page. 

All of your account information and past order information will be available once you have logged in.

I found a problem with the new site. What should I do?

We have spent countless hours making sure that this site is bug-free before we decided to launch. However, if you believe that we may have missed something, let us know via our Contact Us page. We'll have our awesome development team examine and fix any site issues right away.


We would love to hear your thoughts on the new design, let us know your thoughts on our Contact Us page.