1/2"" Fill/Drain Fitting (10pcs/pck)

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Are you looking for a durable and strong fill/drain fitting? Look no more! The DL ½” fitting is made with high-quality heavy plastic. This feature makes it durable and heavier than any other ebb & flow fittings. It comes pre-packed with three pat fittings - fill/drain fitting, screen fitting, and extension fitting. 

  • Customizable: The extension fittings that come with ebb & flow drain fitting are customizable based on the water level. They are available in various sizes;1”, 34” and ½.” 
  • High-Quality Material: It is made with high-quality heavy plastic to withstand different application uses. 
  • Pre-Packed: The fill/Drain fitting comes pre-packed in a set of 10 piece packs. You can buy as many packs as you want to fit all your drain-fitting requirements. 
  • Stronghold: The fittings are threaded to ensure a stronghold in the structure. It prevents water leakages. 

The DL-388050 fill/drain fitting pack of 10 is available at the most affordable prices. These fitting are designed to fit various application needs in your reservoirs and tanks. Ebb & flow fittings are available in various sizes to suit your application requirements. In addition to this, you can customize them based on your water level. 

They are made with high-quality plastic that is heavier and long-lasting than any other material. Neither does the fitting rust, nor does it get scratched in water flow. The plastic is made to withstand the chemicals in the water. Hence, it performs efficiently for a longer duration, helping in saving maintenance costs. Since the fittings are available in 1”, ¾,” and ½” sizes, you can use them in various applications. 

The multi-purpose fittings can be used in tanks, reservoirs, and even for irrigation setup. The ebb & flow kit has two screen fittings, three extension fittings and fill, and 1 ½ fill/drain fittings. They are packed in different packets for retail purposes. Additionally, they are designed to fit all the standard tubings. 

The best part of these fittings is threaded on to ensure a stronghold with the fittings. The ebb & flow fittings are a great investment for you as they are reliable in the market. In addition, the use of high-quality plastic makes them worth buying for you as you can use them in irrigation systems and reservoirs. 

You can also buy them separately if you do not want to make use of all the fittings. Choose the fittings that you want to use, and you can leave the rest. With an occasional maintenance check, you can rest assured with these durable fittings. 


  • Model no./SKU: DL-388050

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