1/4" x 1000' Black Poly Tubing

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The ¼" x 1000' Black Poly Tubing is made from vinyl material which is a non-corrosive and flexible substance. The walls of black poly tubing are thick so any type of material can pass through it easily. The diameter of this poly tubing is around ¼" inches. Black Poly Tubing prevents algae from growing inside the pipe and keeps the water toxin-free. 

  • Made from Vinyl Material: Black Poly tubing is non-corrosive vinyl material. It can last for plenty of years without getting damaged. 
  • ¼" inch in diameter: The ¼" diameter in this black poly tubing is wide enough to create a free-flowing pathway for water and gases. 
  • 1000'ft in length: The length of this poly tubing is around 1000 ft. It will easily help in providing irrigation to large farms. 
  • Toxin-free: Black poly Tubing prevents algae from growing inside the tubing. Sunlight cannot enter the black poly tubing. Thus, creating a hindrance in algae growth.

The ¼" x 1000 ft black poly tubing is made from toxin and corrosion-free vinyl material. Vinyl is non-corrosive, ensuring that your black poly tubing sustains for a longer period. Also, as it is toxin-free, you can ensure that your plants will be getting safe, chemical-free water.

With 1000 ft length, this black poly tubing can irrigate large land areas. Therefore, it is well suited for large-scale as well as small-scale farmers. In addition, it is flexible to use this tubing in plain and sloppy areas. It does not bend or break easily. 

The diameter of the whole tubing is ¼" that is enough for letting gallons of water pass away without any hindrance. In addition, its clog resistance feature makes sure that the farms won't face any shortage of water. You can even use this poly tubing as a food hose as it is odorless and tasteless. So, the taste of your food remains intact. 

Black Poly tubing is an economical agricultural product. It does not require any special upkeep. However, if you wish to clean this tubing, you can use plain water and wash it. Another cost-benefit feature of this tubing is that it neither breaks easily nor shifts from its position. 

As the color of this tubing is black, the chances of algae growing in it become quite less. The color black does not allow sunlight to enter the pipe. Hence, decreasing the chances of algae growing inside it. Plenty of colors and lengths options are available to choose from. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-714000

  • Inside Diameter: 3/16”

  • Outside Diameter: ¼”

  • Item Shape: Round

  • Lower Temperature: -40 degree Fahrenheit

  • Upper Temperature: 150 degree Fahrenheit

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