1"" Fill/Drain Fitting (10pcs/pck)

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If you are looking for flood table irrigation set-ups, 1" Fill/Drain Fitting is a must-try option. This high-quality plastic is heavier and thicker which consists of 3 basic parts: fill/drain fitting, screen fitting, and extension fitting. Best of all, these let you customize to suit your water level in the tank.

  • Reliable: This fitting is among the simplest and most efficient hydroponics methods used in cash crops.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Fill/Drain Fitting requires less maintenance and repair services, which will save you a lot of money.
  • Easy Installation/Set-up: These fittings are simple. Therefore, you don't need expert knowledge.
  • Simple to Use: Fill/Drain fittings are quite easy to use and manage. It's almost easy to plug in and grow.

Whether you want to grow in a small or large space, 1" Fill/Drain Fitting is a good choice. Automated and efficient fitting delivers optimal water, nutrients, and oxygen to plant roots. Complete kit includes (2) display fittings (3) extension fittings (1) 1/2. These fittings are fairly easy to use, configure, and manage. So, you don't need any specialist knowledge.

Fill/Drain Fitting involves periodic flooding and drainage of nutrient solutions. These fittings are available in sizes 1", 3/4", and 1/2", making them perfect for most standard tubing and threaded to secure hold. To use this fitting, you need two containers: a grow tray and a reservoir. 

Put the tray on top of the reservoir that contains the plant nutrient solution. The pump effectively pumps the solution into it when it is time to flood your plants. The nutrient solution will fill the grow tray until it reaches the top of the overflow regulator. It will ensure that the plants are not completely submerged in the water. In addition to this, it will prevent the depletion of oxygen.

Once your plant growing medium has absorbed the solution, it needs to get the proper nutrients. The water will flow through the overflow regulator and back into the tank. It will allow the plant roots to dry out well and aerate. However, a thin moisture film will remain around the roots to make them stay hydrated. If you want to increase the growth rate of your plants, add a riser with Fill/Drain Fitting. It is the most reliable and simple technique of hydroponics to use. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-388100

  • Size: 1" 

  • Color: Black

  • Set Includes: 10pcs

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