1" x 25' Black Poly Tubing

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Made using good-quality vinyl material, 1" x 50' Black Poly Tubing is an ideal medium for the transfer of liquids and gasses. It prevents algae from going inside the tube. You can easily carry it anywhere as it is low in weight. It's incredibly thick, so don't worry about premature wear or tear.

  • Thick and Flexible: 1" x 25' Black Poly tubing is quite thick and flexible. Therefore, it can endure strong liquid or gas passing through it.
  • Prevents Algae Growth: As this tubing is black, algae growth will be much less than transparent once. 
  • Flame Resistance: This tubing is made out of Vinyl, known for being flame resistant.
  • Versatile: This tubing can be used for various purposes - be it for household purposes or industry-related work.

This 1" x 25' Black Poly Tubing is made from Vinyl material. The walls of this pipe are thick. Hence, the endurance level of these pipes is quite high. Moreover, these pipes don't get damaged easily. So, harsh gasses or acidic liquids pass through this pipe without any hindrance. 

As the color of the pipe is black, algae growth is minimal. The reason is that algae need sunlight to grow. Black color restricts light from penetrating the pipe. Therefore, the growth of algae reduces. 

1" x 25' Black Poly Tubing is an eco-friendly tubing, as it is manufactured using few resources and less energy. In addition, 1" x 25' poly tubing is lightweight and can be used for multiple purposes. The length of the pipe is perfect for industrial and household use. 

The length and diameter of 1" x 25' poly tubing is sufficient for letting out a high velocity of material at once. Furthermore, the tubing walls have smoother walls that reduce friction and flow resistance. 

In addition, it is flame-resistant, ensuring the utmost safety of the user. This Black Poly tubing is available in a variety of sizes (like ¼", ½," ¾," etc.) and colors. Thus, you can choose it as per your wishes. These pipes can also be used in underground systems. 

1" x 25' Black Poly Tubing is economical as well and gives out amazing results. After long-term usage, you won't find any defect in this pipe. It doesn't lose shape and could work well under harsh weather conditions. It's 25ft in length which helps in covering a maximum area.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-701025

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