1" x 50' Black Poly Tubing

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This 1" x 50' Black Poly Tubing can do wonders for those who have been finding perfect tubing for their agricultural needs. It can be used in irrigating crops, spraying fertilizers, or cleaning systems for animal enclosures. It also offers greater resistance to cracking, moisture and puncturing. Thanks to the high-end vinyl build.

  • High-Quality Construction: The poly tubing is made from premium quality polyvinyl. It makes it lightweight, long-lasting, and highly flexible.
  • Wide Variety: You can buy it in a broad assortment of wall thicknesses and diameters. It helps you to cater to the needs of the irrigation project easily.
  • Versatile: This Black Poly Tubing has multiple uses in horticulture – irrigating crops, spraying pesticides/herbicides or fertilizers, etc.
  • Quick Installation: The tubing is also easy to connect and install.

1" x 50' Black Poly Tubing is designed to deliver water in irrigation systems or hydroponic watering systems without the requirement to be monitored. It helps in reducing manual labor. It is also safe to transport fluids, gasses, and chemicals.

Since the tubing is made with high-quality vinyl, it is highly durable. This means the tubing will withstand stress and sudden pressure with ease for years. It also resists fungal growth inside the pipe. This gives it an edge over other tubing available on the market, mainly when it comes to agricultural use. In addition, this poly tubing can easily fit anywhere and is easy to transport.

Under suitable conditions, this PVC pipe can stay with you for 50+ years without replacement. Moreover, compared to metal tubing, this poly tubing is also cost-effective. This makes the tube perfect for the millions of farmers across the globe. 

The poly tubing also ensures optimum performance and better water distribution. Thanks to the wide assortment of thicknesses and sizes. Since this corrosion-free pipe is also FDA-approved, it can also be used to transfer materials in food processing. Another great advantage of poly tubing is that it won’t rot and generate a bad smell.

You can choose between 100% opaque black vinyl or clear vinyl tubing. Clear tubing ensures full visibility while opaque black vinyl prevents algae development. Poly Tubing is also easy to install and highly customizable as per your needs. This makes it easily trench diverse routes. Purchase 1" x 50' Black Poly Tubing today!


  • SKU/Model No: DL-701050

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Conrad Isaac
Pimp 1”tubing

Love this for my first time hydroponic grow system i built myself...bad to da bone product👌

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