10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System

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Produce abundant harvest using 10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System. It offers nutrients and moisture gradually when and where it’s needed. This inexpensive hydro system comes with 10x 3.4L (i.e., 0.9 gallons) pots that you can fill with any medium without dripping it into your basin soil. 80L (i.e., 21 Gallon) basin will hold a lot of water for your plants to flourish well. 

  • No Modification or Cutting Required: Simply plug the hydroponic drip system, and you can start growing in no time. It will run 24*7.
  • Manufactured using Strong Material: It is made using resistant, strong and recycled plastic to deliver an incredible outcome.
  • Compact: 10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System comes with a space-saving design. It allows you to place the grow system anywhere you like.
  • Versatile: This system is compatible with all kinds of growing media like EBB and Flow, Drip, Aeroponic, etc.)

Ditch the DIY hydro and traditional watering systems with this 10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System for countless yields. It is one of the most effective on the market. It is excellent for both seasoned and newbie growers. This low-flow irrigation system uses a 250 GPH pump to feed your plant roots using nutrient solution and water on a routine basis.

It has easy maintenance and quick installation. You just need to fill your basin using nutrient-rich water and each pot using your selected medium (i.e., cutline, wood chips, clay pebbles, etc.) Now, add drippers on the pots above the grow medium, link the hose to the pump, immerse the pump, and set the pots into the basin lid. This VersaGrow Drip System also takes minimal space.

The addition of a tube on its side helps you monitor nutrient levels. The top of this hydroponic drip system gives plant roots more space to grow downward into the reservoir. The biggest advantage is that the basin is compatible with diverse growing styles. 

If you want to go aeroponic? Simply collect a few buckets and sprayers for hanging roots. However, if you want more of an ebb & flow type of grower, just replace a few drippers with hoses and link them to the drainage buckets.

This system is great for a stealth grow because it has a silent operation. You do not need to operate an air pump because it keeps everything aerated. You can add an air pump or drill extra holes in the lid below the grow pots if you want.

What Does the Package Include?

  • 10 x 3.4 Litre (i.e., 0.9 gallon) ABS Plastic Pots

  • 1 x Water Distribution Hose

  • 1 x 80 Litre (21 gallons) ABS Plastic Basin

  • 1 x Culture tub

  • 1 x Submersible 250 GPH Water Pump

  • 1 x Multi-Position Lid for different plant and watering configurations


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-HT10010

  • Brand: DL Wholesale

  • Dimensions: 40.75 inch (103.5 cm) x 15.25 inch (38.73 cm) H

  • Material: Plastic

  • Shape: Square

  • Number of Pots: 10

    Customer Reviews

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    great product, perfect setup for clones to fully mature plants. Fully automated watering, perfect for the ""busy"" gardener.

    Old Resin

    I have 6 of these-love them-this is the best price for them on the web right now! However-I believe the tanks are only 10 gallon-not 21-two 5 gallon buckets of water fill mine up.


    Beginner, first three grows very successful. Growing with coco coir in versa drip system, neat easy and clean. Excellent product.

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