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The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' Heavy Duty Grow Tent is the perfect option to begin indoor growing if you intend to nurture 36 to 48 plants. This excellent, long-lasting tent has a size of 120" x 120" x 83", but the ceiling may be extended up to 3'! We suggest using four grow lights that are each 1,000 watts and a ventilation system with a CFM rating of 750 or higher.

  • Adjustable height for the biggest plants possible: The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' comes with a 1' extension kit, bringing the tent's total height to 8'. If this is not enough, you may add the 2' extension kit to reach 9' tall, or stack two extension kits to achieve an amazing 10'. Start cultivating enormous, powerful plants with more area than you can handle!

  • The Thickest Fabric And Frame You've Ever Seen: The fabric of this 10' x 10' Gorilla Grow Tent is certified as "Ripsistant" It is made of 1680D stitched reflective fabric, which is 9 times tougher than the competition and provides the best possible reflection on the inside, maximizing your grow illumination. This material makes the tent more impervious to light, durable, silent, and odor-resistant than its competitors.

  • Protection Against Spillages, Heat, Falls, And Bugs: Indoor gardening is all about taking the garden inside, which means bringing the messiness with it. A grow tent does a great job of keeping this dirt away from the rest of your house or facility. However, big spills or messes can sometimes get out of the tent and damage your hardwood floors or carpet. The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' will not have this problem since it has a flood pool that collects spills and the fabric is so dense that water cannot penetrate. The fabric also has bug-resistant, micro-mesh pre-filters to prevent insects and mold spores from entering the tent. Managing heat in a grow tent isn't always simple because you don't always have the space to put in an A/C. We had remarked that the increased head height helps, but GGT went much farther. They created a patent-pending infrared-blocking insulated roof to help cool down the outside of your tent and regulate heat. You also don't have to worry about your lights, hoods, or filters falling on you or your plants because of the sturdy structure.

  • Simple and Rewarding Growing Experience: The Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10' is both simple to put up and simple to grow in. It was carefully made to give you the best growing experience possible. For example, it has velcro door strips to keep the doors open while you work and EZ viewing windows so you can check on your plants without affecting their growth.  This tent also has a unique 360-degree access, which means you can get to any section of the tent you need to, whereas others make it more difficult. Because the head height is higher, you don't have to bend over to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling while you work.

Why Grow in a 10' by 10' Gorilla Grow Tent? In terms of durability, inventiveness, and craftsmanship, no tent can match the Gorilla Grow Tent 10' x 10'. It is the market's tallest and thickest tent, with a plethora of features to make your job simpler. It will last longer than any other tent on the market, making it a great investment whether you are a first-time grower looking for the best from the start or an experienced gardener looking to improve your current setup.

Gorilla Grow Tents are well constructed grow tents that are also suitable for novices. The expert arrangement places the ducting ports exactly where they should be. Large EZ View windows allow you to take simple photos without jeopardizing your environment. 

The entrances provide comfortable 360-degree access. The broader layouts allow for easier navigation. Thick material and big double-cinching ducting apertures make it simple to maintain a perfect growth environment. Take it easy on yourself. Grow up, Gorilla.


  • Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 6’11"

  • Height with 1 ft. Extension Kit: 7’11" (included)

  • Height with 2 ft. Extension Kit: 8’11" (sold separately)

  • Weight: 159 lbs.

  • Canvas Density: 1680D

  • Pole Diameter: 22mm

  • Door Quantity: 3

  • Ducting Port Quantity: 14 (11" Double Cinching)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 8 (3")

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