10'x25' 5.5mil Panda Film

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With the Panda film, you can increase the efficiency of the grow light. The film is heavy-duty, durable due to its 5.5mil thickness. Both the sides of the film are equally useful, where the white part of the film can reflect almost 90% of light, the black side doesn't allow light to penetrate. Also, the Panda filming is waterproof due to which it can prevent the growth of mold and algae on walls.

  • Premium Performance: The 5mil thickness of the Panda film ensures that the light reflects back properly to reach all the plants.

  • Waterproof: The 5.5mil thick panda film is waterproof, and it doesn’t even allow mold and algae to grow on the walls.

  • Usable from Both Sides: The white surface is a great reflector and reflects 90% light, while the white part does not allow light to penetrate through.

  • Ultra-Durable: The Panda film doesn’t tear apart even when applied force due to its thickness.

The Panda filming helps improve the lighting efficiency with its reflectivity feature. It is durable and dependable due to its thickness which measures 5.5mil. The filming is thick and black on one side and white on the other.

Both sides of the film have different purposes. The white part of the panda film helps in reflecting almost 90% of light, whereas the black part does not allow penetration through it. The film is thick and waterproof, which does not let algae and mold grow over it. The quantity of the case is 4.

Expect premium performance from the Panda film and increase the efficiency of your grow light and grow room magnificently with the 5.5mil Panda film.

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Really good stuff almost ran out. So buy more to be on the safe side.

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