Panda Film 10ft. x 100ft. 5.5 Mil Black and White Film

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Improve the efficiency of lighting with the 5.5ml thick black and white filming. Both sides of the filming have a purpose, like the white side, which allows light to reflect by 90%, whereas the black part does not let light penetrate. The film is heavy-duty and waterproof, due to which it does not allow the growth of algae and mold on the walls.

  • High Reflectivity: The white portion is 90% reflective, while the black part does not allow light penetration.

  • Waterproof: The film is heavy-duty, waterproof, and does not allow mold or algae to grow over it.

  • Useful from Both the Sides: The white part is 90% reflective, whereas the black portion does not allow light to penetrate through it, saving the plant's growth.

  • Light Efficiency: With the installation of the black and white film, light is spread to a vast area after dispersing it.

The Panda film helps increase the efficiency of a grow room as its sides are highly reflective. The white side reflects light heavily and disperses it throughout the canopy, while the white side prevents light from penetrating.

It can increase the efficiency of the grow room. You can install the filming sheet on the walls, post, poles, or floors as per the requirement. The white part can reflect almost 90% light. The film is 5.5mil thick and waterproof. So, due to its waterproof property, it does not let mold and algae grow on the walls.

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Brandon Roberts

This stuff is great. I was a little worried about it only being 5.5 thick but it’s perfect for what I’m using it for to separate my plants in flower and plants in veg.

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