Panda Film 10ft. x 10ft. 5.5 Mil Black and White Film

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The Panda black and white film is almost 5.5ml thick and highly durable. Both the sides of the film can be utilized in a growing environment- the white portion for reflecting backlight, whereas the black part for avoiding light penetration. It is highly waterproof, which does not allow mold and algae to grow over it.

  • Light-Tight: The black side of the film does not allow light to penetrate, while the white side easily reflects 90% of light.

  • Waterproof: Due to its waterproof properties, the Panda fil won't allow mold and algae to grow on the falls.

  • Thick and Durable: With thickness measuring almost 5.5ml, the Panda film can stay around for quite a good time without tearing apart.

  • Usable from Both Sides: Either side of the black and white film can be used where the white surface helps reflect 90% of light; the black side does not allow light to penetrate to harm the plants.

The Panda film helps to improve the efficiency of the grow light. The thickness of the film measures 5.5mil. It has 2 sides, and you can use both sides to improve the efficiency of the grow light.

The white side can be ideally used for reflecting 90% of the light emitted, whereas the black part does not allow light to penetrate. The Panda film is heavy-duty, reliable, and completely waterproof. As it is waterproof, it does not allow mold or algae to grow on it. The case quantity of the film is 10.

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anonymous anonymous

Excellent brand of Mylar, this particular brand is thick and sturdy, much better than the last Mylar I bought. Highly Recommend!!! Grow ace is a great store with superior products, I can trust this supplier and will be a repeat customer for life!!!! ;-)

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