12 Inch 969 CFM High Output In line Duct Fan

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Are you looking for the quietest ventilation solution for your grow room or grow tent? This Inline duct fan is an excellent choice. It features high-quality blades for quiet operation, a power cord as well as brackets for quick installation, energy-efficient design for money savings, etc.

  • Maximize Air Flow: The duct fan comes with a highly powerful motor that extracts heat and odor from your grow room to maximize airflow.
  • Reduced Noise and Maintenance: The motor runs without making any noise and needs no maintenance.
  • Multiple Applications: You can use a line duct fan in various applications such as the basement, grow room, grow tent, kitchen, etc.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Metal housing makes the duct fan lightweight, and ceramic coating on the outside ensures high durability.

When you're growing plants indoors, your grow room must be completely ventilated because excess overheating can kill your plants. Using an inline duct fan, you can control temperature and odor in your grow room or grow tent.

It has a ceramic coating on the outside that reduces everyday wear and tear and gives the product a long life. It is super easy to install because the duct fan comes with mounting brackets and a pre-wired power cord. In-built thermal protection shields the AC motor automatically.


  • UL recognized components

  • Quiet operation

  • Durable ceramic coating

  • Metal housing

  • High quality molded impeller

  • Thermally protected AC motor

  • Includes mounting brackets

  • Includes 8-foot pre-wired 120V cord


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-981712

  • Brand: Grow1

  • CFM Rating: 969 

  • Power Consumption: 330 Watt

  • Speed: 120V to 60Hz

  • RPM Rating: 2573

  • Power Source: Electric

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