16” Clear Top Bowl Trimmer

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Clear Top Bowl Trimmer from Twisted Trimmer cuts twigs and gets rid of leaves from plants for potpourris, preparation of essential oils, and aromatherapy products. To prolong the trimmer's life, make sure you keep the stainless-steel blades cleaned and well lubricated from time to time. This Clear Top Bowl Trimmer is loaded with the power of thirty scissors.

What Does the Package Include?

Each top bowl trimmer comes with:

  • 1 straight blade
  • 1 set of wire blades


  • SKU Model: DL-777161

  • Size: 16”

Customer Reviews

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jon thomas

I was skepticle at first about this product with mixed reviews over the internet, but thought the concept was great so i took a chance and bought it hoping it would do what it says. WOW! this thing is bad ASS IT WORKS GREAT! Im on my second time around using it and it is such a time saver and does a great job what a great invention. And anyone that says less about it is not cleaning it after using it. Thats the only thing that will not make it work up to par is not cleaning it. I use a little bit of citrus oil to clean in between trimmings and I clean the cutting blade about every 3-4 hours of using it. Its like having 5 people helping with the time it saves

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