2 GPH PC Dripper (25pcs/pck)

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Whether you use it for gardening or farming, this 2 GPH PC dripper will provide you with a superb experience. It can easily deliver 2 gallons per hour of water in your fields or garden. This 2 GPH PC Dripper has a flexible diaphragm helping in the watering of plants. The pressure at which this dripper delivers water remains consistent throughout. 

  • 2GPH: This PC dripper can emit upto 2 gallons of water per hour. Thus, helping in hydrating huge agricultural areas. 
  • Flexible Diaphragm: A flexible diaphragm is present in the 2 GPH PC Dripper, helping in uniform distribution of water all across and flushing particles from the dripper. 
  • PC Dripper: PC stands for Pressure Compensating, and it allows for a stable flow of water. 
  • Clogging Resistance: The PC drippers have inbuilt clogging resistance that ensures the excellent functioning of this dripper even with rough water.

The 2 GPH PC Dripper maintains a consistent flow of water. You can use this dripper from any height, and the flow will remain the same and consistent till the last drop. Thus, ensuring that the water is being supplied to the plants properly.

It is a PC (Pressure Compensating) dripper. So with the help of a PC dripper, you can uniformly irrigate your land, especially in flat terrains where water distribution can be non-uniform. The flexible diaphragm present on this 2 GPH PC dripper helps maintain the speed and flow of water. It also helps in flushing out dangerous particles from the dripper system. 

This dripper can emit up to 2 Gallons of water per hour. This quantity is enough for irrigating large chunks of land. Furthermore, this PC dripper is also automated and easy to maintain. You can use more than one PC dripper for one line. There will be a regular flow of water in each dripper. Thus, ensuring that the proper amount of nutrients reach every plant.

An inbuilt clogging resistance feature in the 2 GPH PC dripper helps in an unstoppable flow. Therefore, even the harshest water can pass through this dripper easily. In addition, it comes with an anti drainage feature that does not allow waste materials like small stones and plastic waste to pass. 

2 GPH PC Dripper is widely used in pulse irrigation, where maintaining a high level of moisture in the soil is required. It is a cost-effective product and well-suited for small-scale and large-scale farms. 


  • SKU/MODEL No. : DL-252520

  • Number of Pieces in One Pack: 25

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