2” Black Neoprene Inserts (pack of 132)

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Grow plants healthier and happier with 2” Black Neoprene Inserts. They fit net pots perfectly. You can clone up to 8X the number of cuttings in the same space. Improved spoke design has 4 slits and 1 hole to hold soft cuttings. They are made from sterile and non-toxic neoprene foam, which holds no water and prevents stem rotting.

  • Made Using Premium Neoprene: The inserts are manufactured using high-end neoprene that is soft to touch and soft on your plant cuttings.
  • Advanced Spoke Design: They have a cutting-edge spoke design that puts minimal pressure on plant cuttings and stores plenty of cuttings in one clone collar.
  • Non-Toxic: Each neoprene insert is made with neoprene foam material. It makes the insert 100% safe.
  • Standard Size for Every Grower:  2” inserts fit inside the net cups well to supports plants in the hydroponic system and serve as root guards.

Neoprene inserts perfectly fit inside the net pots (also known as net cups) to support plants. They are built mainly to use with the standard net pots, DIY cloners, or any commercial cloning machine available on the market.

Each clone collar comes equipped with a small hole in the center. It helps in holding delicate plants safely without hurting them at all. Unique spoke design allows the grower to hold five extra small plants in one neoprene collar. It requires less effort and saves grow space.

The inserts are made using neoprene material, which is far more superior than other materials. It is soft, sterile, and non-toxic. This means using them is much safer than other inserts available on the market.

All the neoprene inserts also emit no smell, are PH neutral, and are BPA-free. They do not hold water. It prevents the risk of stem rotting, bad bacteria, algae, mold, and plant diseases. These inserts are ideal for the aeroponic and hydroponic systems.

Customers mainly prefer neoprene inserts over plastic inserts because they prevent the plant cutting from shifting from its place. The clone collar is also easy to use. Just place the stem of the new plant cutting into the slit, and you are done.

Another advantage of these cloning collars is that they make professional cloning simpler. Whether you use a DIY cloner or commercial cloning machine, it can help you clone 8X the number of cuttings. So, you will enjoy more production with less effort. Invest in high-quality cloning collars today!


  • SKU/Model No: DL-171002

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Dimensions: 2" x 0.75"

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 132

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Jamie Jeans

Happy with what I bought. Delivery was slow but received email explaining why. I'm satisfied

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