2"" Neoprene Inserts (sold 100 per pack)

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Keep your plant cutting for cloning upright and in a stable position with 2" Neoprene Inserts and get maximum yield. They are built to fit into the net pots snugly. Each cloning collar has slits where you can insert the soft cutting carefully. The soft neoprene foam prevents damage to the delicate plant tissues during placement.

  • Made from Premium Neoprene: These cloning collars are typically made using high-end neoprene. It offers sturdy support while protecting delicate tissues.
  • Enjoy More Cloning with Less Work: Whether you use a DIY cloner or commercial cloning machine, these durable inserts allow cloning upto 8X the total number of cuttings in one place.
  • No Water Holding: Neoprene inserts store no water at all. It prevents issues like stem rotting, the development of mold and algae, etc.
  • 100% Safe: Each 2"" neoprene insert is totally safe to use to hold the plant cutting for cloning purposes.

Maximize your cloning efforts with 2" Neoprene Inserts. They are built to offer strong support to the plant cuttings to ensure free growing. They fit neatly into the net pots and keep the cuttings stable and upright while their roots grow.

These inserts are also simple to use whether you are cloning hydroponically or aeroponically. First, place the cutting on the slit in the collar and watch the growth. Once your cutting achieves significant growth, you can easily remove it for quick transfer to the main hydroponic or aeroponic growing system. 

But before you proceed, make sure you eliminate the cutting carefully. Just twist the cloning collar to remove the rooted clone. These collars do not use a growing medium but provide similar support to the cutting as that of soil or other substrates.

Each insert is made using the best quality neoprene that you will not find elsewhere. It ensures strongness and long life to each collar. The cloning inserts are also 100% safe to use and hold no water. This means there are fewer chances of problems such as stem rotting, mold growth, etc.

Many customers prefer using neoprene cloning collars because they prevent the plant cutting from moving from its place. They can also be used in conjunction with commercial cloner systems or DIY cloners. 

Moreover, the imported spoke design of inserts lets you multiply the plant cutting by 8X. Thus, it ensures higher profits for commercial operations. Buy these professional cloning inserts collars today for successful and faster cloning.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-171200

  • Color: Orange

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 100

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