2"" Neoprene Inserts (sold 100 per pack) - Blue

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Produce identical plants successfully with 2" Blue Neoprene Inserts. You can use them to grow crops such as rosemary, peppers, tomatoes, etc. The new plants will have the same qualities as that of the mother plant. These collars come with an advanced spoke design that keeps the cutting upright and in its ideal position.

  • Made of Neoprene Foam: The cloning collars are created using neoprene foam. It makes it reusable, crack-resistant, and perfect for long-term use.
  • Prevent Slipping of Cutting: They support the cuttings grown hydroponically by keeping them stable and upright.
  • Makes Professional Cloning Simpler: These inserts fit net cups snugly to make plant cloning easier.
  • State-of-the-Art Spoke Design: Each collar has an advanced spokes design. It puts minimal pressure on the cuttings and allows the grower to hold extra cuttings in a one clone insert.

Using 2" Blue Neoprene Inserts is the best way to clone your favorite plants and get greater profits. They come with an advanced spoke design that consists of 8 slits and 1 hole. It ensures quick insertion and removal of soft cuttings.

The neoprene inserts are far better than the plastic cloning collars because they prevent the plant cutting from shifting around while shielding their soft tissues.

Each insert is made with premium neoprene, which is soft to touch and soft on the plant cuttings. It is also safe, pH neutral, and sterile, making the cloning insert ideal for organic growers. You can clone up to 8 X the total number of cuttings in the same area. It helps you boost production with less effort.

Cloning plants with these inserts are also much easier. Just take the cutting of a plant and put it in the hole of neoprene foam. After a few weeks, the roots will begin to form, and a new life of clones starts. At this time, you can transfer it into the primary grow system. 

Remember, cloning using neoprene inserts does not affect the health of the mother plant. These cloning collars are ideal to use in commercial clone machines and DI cloners. They fit the net pots easily to make cloning much easier. 

These inserts store no water and prevent the risk of stem rotting, mold/algae growth, plant diseases, etc. Each package includes 100 pieces of high-quality clone collars. Invest in this ultimate cloning insert for plant germination today!


  • SKU/Model No: DL-171208

  • Color: Blue

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 100

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