2"" Neoprene Inserts (sold 100 per pack) - Purple

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2" Neoprene Inserts are the best cloning collars available at affordable prices. They are sold in a pack of 100. They are amazingly fit as cloning collars on net pots. The small holes in the inserts allow you to handle even the tiniest plants without disturbing your cutting. They have four spokes to allow more clones. 

  • Multi-Purpose: The cloning collars are multi-purpose. You can use them in hydroponic as well as aeroponic growing systems. They are compatible with X-stream, Nutriculture, and other net pots.
  • Non-Toxic: These little collars for cloning machines are made with non-toxic material - Neoprene. It keeps the plants safe and does not contain any toxic product that might harm the plants or hinder their growth. 
  • Reusable: The neoprene inserts are reusable, durable, and water-proof. The purple color helps in upgrading the interiors. Hence, you can reuse them until required to change.
  • Standard Size: With a 2" insert, you have the standard insert size for each pot. It perfectly fits in net pots and guards the roots of plants.

The neoprene 2" inserts are made with superior quality neoprene material which is sterile and soft. The inserts have a hole in the centre to hold even the tiny plants without hurting them. Additionally, they also have 4 spokes which allows the grower to hold 5 plans in one insert. The 2" inserts are sized to fit the net pots perfectly.

These cloning collars are water-proof, meaning they do not hold any water and prevent damage to the roots. Further, they prevent algae, bacteria, or any other plant disease from developing on the surface.

You are free to reuse them as per your requirement because they are durable and long-lasting. You do not need to replace the inserts until completely necessary. The soft material of these inserts keeps the plants held firm, preventing any rolling of the stems.

They are preferred over any plastic inserts as they prevent cutting of the plants even when moving around. In addition, the neoprene clone collars have easy working. You need to add the stem of the new plant into the spoke or the hole, and it is done. Another major advantage of these cloning collars is that they are suitable for aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.

They are preferred more so because they tend to make professional cloning easier. You can use a DIY cloner or commercial cloning machine, but these neoprene inserts will allow you to clone eight times more cuttings. You have the option to increase your productivity by implying lesser efforts, so why wait? Invest in the best collar clones today.


  • SKU/MODEL No.:  DL-171209

  • Color: Purple

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Dimensions: 2” X 0.5”

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 100

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