2"" Neoprene Inserts (sold 100 per pack) - Yellow

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Grow your plants not only happier but also healthier with 2" Neoprene inserts that are non-toxic and provide the utmost care to plants. They are waterproof, hence prevent the development of bacteria, algae, etc., on the plants. They safeguard the roots against any damage caused by excess heat, water, or nutrients. Enjoy 8x more plant production with the extra spokes.

  • Non-Toxic: The inserts are made with superior quality neoprene material. It makes them non-toxic. No amount of heat or water makes the inserts release any toxic gases or material that can damage the plants.
  • 4 Spokes: Along with the hole in the center to hold the plants, it also has four spokes cut on the sides to add spaces for holding five plants in one go. 
  • Reusable: The inserts are long-lasting, durable, and reusable. They do not decay in soil or water. Hence, you can use them for another season too or until changing them is completely necessary. 
  • Waterproof: The inserts or cloning collars are waterproof and prevent the plants from rolling. Additionally, it prevents bacteria and algae from developing on the plants. 

Neoprene 2" inserts are designed to fit net cups perfectly, commonly known as net pots. You can also use them with DIY cloners or other commercial machines for cloning available on the market. These inserts are made from high-grade neoprene that is tested and approved for non-toxicity.

Each clone is designed to hold five plants at a time. It has a hole in the center and four spokes on the sides to make you more productive with lesser effort. Every insert is designed to hold the tiniest plants with the utmost care. It can even save space for the grower. The 2" size fits all the standard net pots and is suitable in both aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.

The neoprene material used to make the clone collars is waterproof and reusable. The cloning collars do not let any water sit in them, hence preventing stem rolling. Also, they do not emit any toxic smell or material, therefore, helping the plants grow at their pace within a healthy environment. Customers prefer neoprene inserts over plastic clone collars because they provide a healthy and toxicity-free environment to the plants.

The spoke design eases the cloning process as you can clone 8X more plants than normal. You can use any cloners to save your time, effort and increase productivity. They are easier to use. You need to place the plant cutting in the slit, and you are done. The insert will not let the stem cutting move from its place. It will provide a firm hold with a soft touch to the plants. Invest in the best cloning collars today!


  • SKU/ Model No.: DL-171204

  • Color: Yellow

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Dimensions: 2” X 0.5”

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 100

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